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Sold at Auction: Harry Leith-Ross

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Born in 1886 in Mauritius, painter Harry Leith-Ross formed the basis of his artistic education in the United States, France, and England while attending schools like Academie Julien, the Royal Academy, and the National Academy of Design. He eventually moved to New Hope, Pennsylvania, and many Harry Leith-Ross prints portray the town and its surrounding landscapes. In New Hope, an art colony, Leith-Ross worked with artists like Birge Harrison and William Langson Lathrop. As he experimented with styles, Harry Leith-Ross paintings revealed the artist's exploration of realism, watercolor, and light.

Many Harry Leith-Ross prints capture humble subjects such as farms, small town roads, and nautical scenes. Leith-Ross has been a widely celebrated artist since his initiation into the art world, and Harry Leith-Ross paintings for sale are valuable pieces for collectors. Satisfy your hunger for the sights, scents, and sounds of the ocean by purchasing breathtaking maritime marine paintings online.
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