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Sold at Auction: Robert Lenkiewicz

Alias:Robert O. Lenkiewicz


The work of artist Robert Lenkiewicz often reflected his reputation for being an outspoken social critic and a provocateur. His expansively sized projects combined narratives with detailed imagery. Many of Robert Lenkiewicz's paintings featured so-called invisible people, such as the mentally ill, physically disabled, and homeless. Notable projects included Suicide and Death themes, featuring Monca Waiting and Study of the Painter's Dead Mother, respectively.

Stark explorations of uncomfortable subjects carried over into real life. He faked his death in 1981 to see how people would react to hearing that artist Robert Lenkiewicz was deceased, and he reportedly kept a death room, full of macabre memorabilia. The parallel between substance addiction and passion was another popular theme in Robert Lenkiewicz's prints, as seen in his Jealousy and Love and Romance projects. Lenkiewicz died from heart failure in 2002. Find many other unique portrait prints for sale online at Invaluable.
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