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Sold at Auction: Max LeVerrier

Alias:Max Le Verrier


French sculptor Max Le Verrier (b.1891) is renowned for his athletic sculptures that portrayed what he thought to be the ideal female form. During WWI he enlisted in the military; however, he was captured and sent to prison camp, where Max Le Verrier's sculptures were created using clay. After his release, he attended Beaux-Arts School in Geneva. Max Le Verrier's figurines for sale were produced in his newly opened studio after he returned to France in 1919.

Max Le Verrier's sculptures were made in the Art Deco style, and aside from figurines, he also created intricate lamp bases. Max Le Verrier's artwork became highly prized, and in 1937 he received the International Exhibitions Medal of Honor. You can find other breath-taking figural sculptures for sale online to accent your home and reflect your version of the ideal form.
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