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Alias:Maude Lewis


Maud Lewis' artworks are an integral part of the folk-art movement in Canada. She faced adversity throughout life due to physical deformities resulting from juvenile arthritis. Maud Lewis' paintings of flowers, cats, scenic views, and her childhood home were light, colorful, and possessed a carefree, childlike view of the world despite her hardships.

She used this sense of wonder to paint the tiny home she shared with her husband, Everett, inside and out; it was eventually moved to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia as a permanent display piece. Richard Nixon's administration commissioned two Maud Lewis paintings for the White House gallery. Due to the popularity of her oil paintings, Maud Lewis prints of scenic Canada, simple pleasures, and wide-eyed animals are still in demand today. You can purchase other eye-catching landscape paintings for sale at Invaluable to add to your growing gallery.
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