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    • Maurice Henri Mazeilie (French, 1924-2021)
      May. 14, 2022

      Maurice Henri Mazeilie (French, 1924-2021)

      Est: -

      A summer day on the beach, Oil on wood, 23 x 31 cm, Signed

      Yair Art Gallery
    • Leon Lewkowicz (1888-1950) – Two Sisters – Oil on Canvas
      Aug. 11, 2020

      Leon Lewkowicz (1888-1950) – Two Sisters – Oil on Canvas

      Est: -

      Leon Lewkowicz (1888-1950), Two Sisters, 1923. Oil on canvas. Signed and dated. Leon Lewkowicz was born in Rava-Ruska in the Lviv Oblast, Poland. After graduating from the School of Fine Arts in Krakow, he continued to live and work in the city. He often painted portraits of Jews and Gypsies; his style was influenced by academic realism, with a melancholy air. During the war, he was in exile in Kazakhstan, where he continued to paint, also working as a teacher. He passed away in Chimkent in 1950. 65X79 cm, in a 74X109 cm frame. Good condition. Minor blemishes to paint. Canvas repairs to verso. Illegible inscription on verso. Provenance: The collection of Simcha Holtzberg, "Father of the Wounded Soldiers". --------------------- Simcha Holtzberg (1924-1994), also known as the "Father of the Wounded Soldiers", loreate of the 1976 Israel Prize, was born in Warsaw, Poland, and experienced firsthand the horrors of the Holocaust in the Warsaw Ghetto and the camps of Budzy? and Bergen-Belzen. After the liberation, he immigrated to Palestine, married and started a family, making a living trading in Judaica and art. Since the Six-Day War, he devoted much of his time and efforts to helping wounded and disabled IDF soldiers and bereaved families. He visited wounded soldiers in hospitals, supporting them both spiritually and financially and accompanying them in their recovery as a real father would. From Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin’s eulogy in memory of Simcha Holtzberg: "This man, snatched from the fire of the Holocaust, so deeply concerned for the State of Israel, a haven for Holocaust refugees, did everything in his power so that the catastrophe would be remembered. The terrors of the Holocaust followed him like a shadow, fueling his love of the State, the wounded, the disabled, the bereaved families […] in the name of the Israel Defense Forces and in the name of the State of Israel, I salute you, Simcha".

      Kedem Public Auction House Ltd
    • Lewkowicz Leon (1888/90 –1950) - Portrait of a Girl
      Jun. 21, 2018

      Lewkowicz Leon (1888/90 –1950) - Portrait of a Girl

      Est: zł5,000 - zł7,000

      oil on canvas

      Polski Dom Aukcyjny Wojciech Sladowski
    • Léon LEWKOWICZ (1888-1950)
      Nov. 13, 2014

      Léon LEWKOWICZ (1888-1950)

      Est: €600 - €800

      Léon LEWKOWICZ (1888-1950) Juif à la pipe, 1929 Huile sur toile. Signée et datée en bas à droite. 55 x 40 cm

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