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Sold at Auction: Robert (1953) Longo

Alias:Robert (1953) Longo


Robert Longo, born in Brooklyn in 1953, is a versatile, contemporary artist who has worked in such varied media as film, sculpture, and photography. Drawing, however, remains his preferred mode of expression. Robert Longo's prints are suffused with a unique sense of line and dimension, attributable to his years spent abroad studying sculpture.

The subjects of Robert Longo's drawings have evolved throughout the years, but his overarching theme stays constant. Through his prints, Robert Longo seeks to critique the popular culture or politics of the moment. Thus, his most recognizable series, Men in the Cities, explores the pressure and speed of modern life. Robert Longo's paintings, prints, and drawings invite collectors to look for the universal truths found within symbolic subjects. Art aficionados can find contemporary drawings for sale at Invaluable.
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