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Sold at Auction: Miguel Fernando Lopez

Alias: Milo


Miguel Fernando Lopez (born 1955), in short: Milo, is a Portuguese artist and sculptor who has purchased with his large oeuvre an international reputation.

Milo was born on June 12, 1955 in Lisbon, Portugal. In his early years he developed a passion for sculpting. Because his father was working as an antique dealer, Lopez got early in touch with different kinds of art.

Milo always wanted to become a member of the Portuguese army and he tracked a career at the military until he met a new girl short before he graduated school in Lisbon. Because he felt in love with his classmate he cancelled his plans to become a member of the Portuguese military. Even both departed a few years later it can be considered a very lucky stroke of fate because Milo decided to stay in Lisbon because of his girlfriend and because he was well interested in art, architecture and sculpting.

Sculpting was one of his hobbies and furthermore a potential subject for studying. So, Lopez decided to study arts and sculpting at a university close to his home. Later he met another woman he felt in love with. She called Isabel, a one year older female student.
She later became his wife and the mother of his three children, all boys.

While studying, Milo also studied a year abroad in Rome and in Venice, where he learned to speak Italian as well as he studied the art and the lifestyle of the cities, including the exciting nightlife.

Back in Lisbon, Milo wanted to sell some of his first sculptures he produced besides studying. And he really did found a first client who got one of his sculptures; Milo sold his first sculpture to a German entrepreneur, who was truly enthusiastic but also a business associate of his father.

Nowadays he still in contact with his first client; he is working as a freelance artist and also as a close partner of the foundry of his first client. Furthermore he also married his girlfriend Isabel, who gave birth to his three children. His oldest son Pablo also became an artist, but focused on creating Art Nouveau styled artwork.

Milo’s artwork is focused on executing animal sculptures, modern art and nude figures. Because the artist sticks to his Lisbon, he is still living there.
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