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German-born artist Richard Lorenz was known for his Western scenes, especially those depicting the Plains Indian culture. At the age of 28 he came to America, and he eventually mentored Frank Tenney Johnson. Richard Lorenz's paintings of horses, Native Americans, landscapes, and the Old West were often panoramic views.

Lorenz made several trips to the Midwest, and spent time traveling with the Texas Rangers so his oil paintings would be as authentic to the areas he depicted as possible. He eventually settled in Milwaukee where he finished his career teaching art. In 2010, one of Richard Lorenz's paintings, entitled The Last Farewell, sold at Christie's in New York for over $300,000. The value of Richard Lorenz paintings can vary, however, based on age and dimension. Find your portal to past places by browsing online galleries and auctions for awe-inspiring genre paintings for sale.
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