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The late Stephen Lyman dedicated his life and art to wilderness exploration, probing and depicting the landscapes, flora, and fauna of remote areas of the United States, including Yosemite and Alaska. Stephen Lyman prints constitute much of his artwork, available largely as limited-edition lithographs and giclee prints on canvas.

Stephen Lyman's artwork shows his skill at translating actual light onto his canvases, whether of a storm sweeping midday through a mountain valley or a snow-covered hillside lit by the moon at night. Some of the most desirable Stephen Lyman prints include his celebrated campfire series, depicting his joy of solitude in the wilderness by contrasting bright, colorful flames and embers against the cool ambiance of a remote vista. Artist proofs of Stephen Lyman paintings of landscapes are available from the Lyman Family Collection. Depictions of many other untamed or rustic scenery are available as landscape prints for sale at Invaluable.
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