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Lynette Granites Nampijinpa


Alias: Lynette Granites Nampijinpa

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Lynette Granites Nampijinpa Curriculum Vitae is in Australian Aboriginal Artists dictionary of biographies on page 171.

Born around 1950, Lynette Granites Nampijinpa is a well-known Australian artist recognized for her bold use of color. Lynette work has a distinctive linear fluidity and rare energy which is infectious to the viewer and contains a compelling visual and spiritual power.

Lynette Granites Nampijinpa creates inspiring paintings that have the physical presence of much contemporary work of art.

Lynette is a skilful painter and also make expressive drawings. She uses her own particular depiction of a subject in terms of the content of the image. The artist topics are depicted in the particular compositions and details, and other elements that are distinct from her artistic style. The artist pays particular attention to details and her intricate subtle shades of colour moves with the viewer’s eyes.

Lynette Granites paintings explore the stories from the side of unique country of her homeland, skillfully painted with unrestrained shades of colours capturing three dimensional appearance. Lynette is experimenting, her style and palette and her work is constantly evolving.

Lynette Granites paintings tell the story of the artists connection to their country, the features of the landscape, the plants and animals that are found there and the creation myths that occurred in the Dreamtime. These stories are still very relevant to the artists today. Lynette depicts Flying Ants, Bush Seeds, and Water Dreamings.

Lynette Granites Nampijinpa is married to Harry Jakamarra Nelson a popular Australian artist and Aboriginal activist.

Lynette Granites commenced her painting career in the 80’s for the Warlukurlangu Artists community in Yuendumu and has been producing some of the finest works of art for the Aboriginal community of Yuendumu since 1985. Warlukurlangu Artists community in Yuendumu is one of the longest running and most successful Aboriginal-owned art centers in Central Australia.

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