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Artist David Maass is an American wildlife artist from Rochester, Minnesota. Maass always had an interest in animals, often bringing home orphaned birds when he was younger. Hunting trips with his father became some of the inspiration behind David Maass' paintings. He was a director at a jewelry manufacturer where he met wildlife artist Stu Ferreira, who helped develop Maass' technique.

David Maass prints are common, with his output totaling more than 215,000 numbered and signed limited edition prints, and prints and original wildlife paintings for sale from numerous artists are readily available at Invaluable. David Maass' prints are found in numerous formats, from calendars to stamps. Ducks Unlimited named David Maass Artist of the Year five times. His work includes A Morning Double and Abandoned Orchard, and many of his original pieces are available in the collection of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.
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