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The bustling ports of Nova Scotia, from the 1920s through the 1940s, are the primary subject of Wallace R. MacAskill's photography. His photo Starboard Lookout was taken from the original Bluenose vessel while he was on his way to the Chicago World's Fair. His wife Elva was his assistant, working on coloring, captions, and penmanship for Wallace R. MacAskill prints. Some prints appear foggy, which was a technique, known as Pictorialism, used to create Impressionistic-style photographs.

Wallace R. MacAskill photography of his beloved ships and seascapes are highly sought after by art and photographic enthusiasts. Wallace R. MacAskill photgraphic prints for sale are made from the original negatives and were often created using handmade matting and included frames. Fulfill your love of all things aquatic by purchasing jaw-dropping seascape photography online.
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