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Sold at Auction: Frederick Machetanz

Alias:Fred Machetanz


Frederick Machetanz, renowned painter and illustrator, was born in Ohio in 1908. After receiving his master's degree in art from the University of Ohio in the 1930s, he took a vacation to Alaska and decided to stay indefinitely. Fred Machetanz's artwork depicts Alaskan wildlife, native people, and serene landscapes. His technique was to paint the entire canvas blue, and then layer it with transparent oil glazes. As a result, most of Fred Machetanz's prints have distinct luminous blue hues.

Fred Machetanz's prints were so popular that he became a full-time artist in 1962 and later received an honorary doctorate from the University of Alaska. Frederick Machetanz was an admired artist with a career that spanned seven decades. Vintage Fred Machetanz lithographs and other unique lithographs for sale are available at Invaluable.
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