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South African artist Esther Mahlangu learned to paint from her mother and grandmother, in accordance with her people's Ndebele tradition. Esther Mahlangu's abstract paintings begin as freehand sketches, and she concentrates on creating movement and joy. Using Ndebele wall painting techniques, Mahlangu uses a traditional brush made of bundled twigs and feathers. Her experimentation with fluorescent vinyl paints ended prior to her first solo exhibition in South Africa in 2003. At the exhibit, Esther Mahlangu's artwork displayed the natural shades of her early work: tones in rich clay and cow dung. Reverting back to her classic technique paid off, and the exhibition was a success. Esther Mahlangu abstract paintings appear all over the world. Mahlangu has received the Mpumalanga Arts and Culture Award twice, and spends time mentoring young female artists. Expand your collection of other eye-catching abstract paintings for sale online at Invaluable and bring a piece of another culture into your home.
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