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b. 1922 - d. 2017

A favorite of the British Royal family, artist Ben Maile established a long-running career creating vivid coastal, military, and urban scenes. His first noteworthy showing was in 1959, at the age of 37, after which he was frequently commissioned for oil paintings and illustrations. Maile typically incorporated impasto, a sculpture-like effect achieved through thick strokes, that further enhanced his evocative depictions.

In addition to the military-inspired The Long Red Line, The Long Gray Line, The Sinking of Mary Rose, and The Irish Soldier Through the Ages, artist Ben Maile also produced colorful portraits of everyday life. Maile often found his muse in scenes of early England, and detailed works such as The Eastgate Clock and Lombard Street Post Office are excellent examples. Ben Maile's oil paintings for sale vary in value, with originals being highly prized. Purchase classic cityscape paintings online and enjoy a glimpse into exotic locales.

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