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Artist Isaac Maimon is a contemporary painter of acrylics, oils, and watercolors on canvas, best known for his fascination with the feminine form in cultural, normally Parisian-style settings. He has also created serigraphs, giclees, and lithographs of his work. Artist Isaac Maimon embraces the Expressionist movement, although his Dream and Renaissance series are more abstract representations of thematic content. Isaac Maimon's prints and paintings of women are wildly vibrant in color and angular in construct, reminiscent of the paintings of Matisse, and they evoke the cultural milieu of Paris ballrooms, boulevard cafes, and nightclubs, in turn-of-the-century styling, including wide-brimmed hats.

Isaac Maimon artwork for sale includes signed, limited edition serigraphs that extend his oeuvre of vibrant, floral-colored renderings of cabarets, courtesans, and coquettes. Explore the many serigraph prints for sale at Invaluable or online that depict a range of subjects in an array of colors and tones.
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