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Photographer Sally Mann's art is known for its stark depictions of Southern life in the United States. Born in Virginia in 1951, the artist began her career as a photographer at Washington and Lee University, holding her first solo show in 1977 featuring surrealistic photos of the construction of the university's new law school. Mann's Immediate Family Series (1992), a study of childhood told through black-and-white sensual and candid photos, has garnered both critical acclaim and scathing criticism.

Turning her eye and camera to landscapes, Sally Mann's art focused on Virginia, Georgia, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Using the 19th century wet collodion process gives the photos a nostalgic aesthetic. She has also included themes of death and illness in her work. Time named her America's best photographer in 2001. Available Sally Mann prints and posters include black-and-white works and selections using the collodion process. Experience your personal connection to evocative and poignant portrait photography available online and at auction.
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