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Sold at Auction: Robert Mapplethorpe

Alias:Robert Michael Mapplethorpe


Born in 1946 in Queens, artist Robert Mapplethorpe introduced new techniques and formats that changed the photographic industry. Robert Mapplethorpe's art centered around his thought-provoking, and always controversial, black-and-white photos of New York's S&M scene. Robert Mapplethorpe's photography includes portraits he undertook for famous personalities including Iggy Pop, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Truman Capote, and Susan Sarandon.

Robert Mapplethorpe's photos for sale include replicas of those he shot for Interview Magazine, a publication owned and created by artist Andy Warhol. Robert Mapplethorpe's art shows his mastery of light and shadow as well as his attention to the details of his subjects' shapes. He is responsible for pioneering color 20x24 Polaroids, platinum print on paper and linen, and colored dye transfer prints. You can find remarkable figural photography for sale online to complete your photo gallery.
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