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Sold at Auction: Sergei Marshennikov

Alias:Serge Marshennikov


Artist Serge Marshennikov was born in 1971 in Russia, and his artistic talent was recognized early. In his youth, he won many awards for his pastel and watercolor paintings. Serge Marshennikov's art is classically romantic in style, and often centers around the profiles of young, beautiful women, presented in oil on canvas.

As an artist, Serge Marshennikov exhibited at prestigious galleries in Russia and the United States, including the Museum of Modern Art in El Paso. In 2008, he was chosen Top 30 by the Portrait Society of America. Christie's in London often has Serge Marshennikov paintings for sale, which are increasing in value year by year. To be the owner of glorious pieces of art by other similarly talented artists, find spectacular paintings for sale online through Invaluable.
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