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Sold at Auction: Peter Max

Alias:Peter Max FinkelsteinPeter (Finkelstein) Max


Though artist Peter Max is considered an American Pop art icon, he was born in Germany. The family left in 1938 when Max was a year old, and spent 10 years in Shanghai before traveling the world, and finally arriving in New York in 1953. These early Eastern influences, his childhood fascination with astronomy, his introduction to Fauvism's bright colors, and studies at the Art Students League provided an eclectic background that served him well in American Pop art. Peter Max's prints, with their bold graphics and bright colors, became synonymous with the counterculture of the 60s.

Peter Max's prints and posters were abundantly displayed, and his art was used in advertising. With over 72 corporations using his work, he and his artwork became a phenomenon. Peter Max's art for sale includes famous works such as his Statue of Liberty and The Beatles prints. Search for other iconic mixed media art for sale online or at auction and find your next investment.
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