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Maxwell Mays was born in Rhode Island in 1918, and focused his art on celebrating the landscapes of his home state. Known for their birds-eye perspectives and nostalgic style, Maxwell Mays' prints have appeared multiple times on the cover of Yankee Magazine. Maxwell Mays’ paintings hang in many establishments, including the University of Rhode Island, and are particular favorites of Rhode Island residents. Maxwell Mays' artwork often depicts scenes from throughout Rhode Island and the surrounding areas of New England. Featuring town squares, farm lands, and harbors, Maxwell Mays' prints celebrate the Americana found in small towns. Upon his death in 2009, Mays willed his 300-acre estate to the Audubon Society of Rhode Island, creating the Maxwell Mays Wildlife Refuge and Maxwell Mays Interpretive Trail. Bring a nostalgic feeling to your home with quaint landscape and seascape paintings for sale online and at auction.
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