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Sold at Auction: Paul Lucien Maze

Alias:Paul Lucien Maze
PainterFigure painterNaval painterLandscape painterPortrait painter


As a young boy, French-born artist Paul Lucien Maze observed his father's artist friends, Money, Manet, and Pissaro, at work, gaining early exposure to Impressionism. While in service with the British during World War II, Maze met Sir Winston Churchill and became his mentor, teaching Churchill to paint and remaining a life-long friend to the statesman. Eventually, Maze became a British citizen, and in 1953, was made the official painter of the Queen’s coronation.

During painter Paul Maze's military service, he used pastels to capture his fellow soldiers in action. Much of his later work depicted the English countryside, London street scenes, and ships on the water, mixing in some oil and watercolor work. He would also produce a series of paintings of his second wife called the Jessie pictures. Paul Lucien Maze maritime paintings for sale still hold their value. Explore the world of maritime and marine paintings for sale at Invaluable.

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