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Frank C. McCarthy


Alias: Frank C. McCarthy

Painter, Illustrator

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Artist Frank McCarthy is known worldwide, inside and outside the art world. Born in 1924, he was an American realist painter and artist, and his work began by appearing on the cover of magazines and books, and eventually film posters. He produced classic posters for films such as Thunderball and Once Upon a Time in the West.

Artist Frank McCarthy's skills didn't stop there; after his career as a commercial illustrator, he began focusing on his western pieces, which were sprawling paintings that displayed the classic tropes of the Wild West. During his 50-year career, he was once colloquially known as the Dean of Western Action Painters, as his work is unmatched in its drama and emotion, with still paintings that convey the fine details of the wild yet beautiful nature of the American West. Frank McCarthy's prints and paintings are classically contemporary examples of Western Art. You can find collectible genre prints available for sale at Invaluable.

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