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English artist Pete Mckee was born in 1966 in Sheffield, the city which would have a profound influence upon his art, and become the subject of many of his illustrations. Mckee didn't pursue a career in art until he was 40, quitting his supermarket job and becoming a full-time artist. Self-taught illustrator Pete Mckee quickly developed a fan base for his unique work, and his art has been celebrated by famous musicians and brands, including Disney, The Arctic Monkeys, and Warp Films. Artist Pete Mckee's painted, cartoonesque works depict humorous situations, and evoke discussions of important social issues. Many Pete Mckee acrylic illustrations for sale feature snapshots of the working class, and are inspired by music and growing up in the 60s and 70s. Find a variety of evocative acrylic paintings for sale at Invaluable for those looking to add to their art collections.
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