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American artist Thomas Fredrick McKnight was born in Kansas in 1941. He started his full-time artistic career later in life, at the age of thirty-one. It was not until a visit to Greece that McKnight chose art as his calling, committing the bright, crisp colors of the Greek Islands to canvas. The transition to silkscreen followed quickly. Thomas McKnight prints include a series of limited edition serigraph prints on silkscreen that he produced in the 80s to considerable notice. 

The city of Kobe, Japan commissioned McKnight to paint a series of area scenes for the 1993 fair, and many Thomas McKnight contemporary prints for sale are replications of those scenes. Due to his notoriety in Japan, Thomas McKnight prints on silkscreen are widely circulated there. He is best known in the United States for designing the Clinton's presidential Christmas cards from 1994 to 96. Find serigraph, lithograph, or woodcut prints to brighten any empty space by viewing strikinh contemporary prints for sale online.
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