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Sold at Auction: Pierre Jules Mène

Alias:Pierre Jules MènePierre-Jules Mène
Animal sculptorSculptor


Born in 1810, French artist Pierre Jules Mene was known for his realistic animal sculptures, which were often small figures in bronze. Mene learned how to work with metal at an early age from his father, though he was primarily self-taught. Painters Edwin Landseer and Carle Vernet influenced the artwork of Pierre Jules Mene. While his equestrian pieces were his most famous, the subjects of Pierre Jules Mene's sculptures included sheep, goats, and other livestock.

Pierre Jules Mene's horse sculptures were detailed pieces completed in high-quality bronze with realistic features. Though Pierre Jules Mene's sculptures were popular among art collectors, Mene always turned down commissions. He opened his own foundry in 1837, and often worked alongside the artists he employed to help bring his designs to life. You can channel your love of wildlife by purchasing a spectacular animal sculpture online from Invaluable.
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