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Mercy Peumorra Fredericks


Alias: Mercy Peumorra Fredericks

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Mercy Peumorra Fredericks is a Kalumburu artist born in the community in 1956. Mercy Fredericks was part of the Benedictine mission community, going to school and working in the old mission kitchen. Her family were more involved in making traditional artefacts, and Mercy Fredericks began her painting with other senior artists in Kalumburu in 2009.

The artists at Kalumburu had been encouraged to use the rock art tradition that surrounded their community by arts promoter Mary Macha, decades before Mercy began painting. Mercy Fredericks said that her people had accepted that the rock art culture was part of their everyday life, but initially had to be encouraged to integrate it into their contemporary art practice.

The rock art galleries of the North Kimberley are some of the most extraordinary art sites of ancient culture in the world. Mercy Fredericks is one of the gifted contemporary artists who is able to tap into her artistic inheritance to produce paintings that use the same natural earth pigments that have created a wealth of rock art around her homelands.

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