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Sold at Auction: Al Micale

Alias:Albert Micale


Al Micale attended the Pratt Institute and began his career illustrating for Street and Smith, Popular Pulps and juvenile books. He was a versatile contributor to Dell Publishing, as a longtime contributor to their 'Roy Rogers' comic book (1940's, 1950's). He also did advertising strips with the character and he additionally drew Roy in the Whitman Better Little Book series. Until the early 1960s, he worked on other titles for the company, including 'Boots and Saddles' and 'Wanted: Dead or Alive'. In the 1950's, he was also present at Fawcett, doing fillers and covers for titles like 'Tex Ritter'. In the 1960s, he was a cover artist for Gilberton's Classics Illustrated collection.
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