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Mickey Durrng Garrawurra


Mickey Garrawurra Durrng - Born: 1940 Moiety: Dhuwa Clan: Liyagawumirr

Medium: Painting with pigments and ochres on paper

Mickey Durrng Garrawurra is an Elder for the Liyagawumirr clan and lives a traditional life at Langarra, an outstation on Howard Island. His ceremonial duties are extensive and his cultural knowledge profound.. He accompanied artists to Melbourne for an exhibition in 1997, which was his first trip away from his family and home. He has since visited, exhibited his work and performed ceremonially in the United States and Canada.

His paintings depict sacred stories of the travels and creations of ancestral beings known as the two Djan'kawu sisters. The Djangkawu sisters story is often recognisable by the flag-like design showing waterholes created by the Sisters with their digging sticks. These holes were made to flood dry and barren land and encourage life (Reference: "Yiribana", AGNSW p.40).

He is well known for his involvement in sacred ceremonies as an accomplished singer and performer. As an artist, he has a strong reputation for his distinctive, boldly striped paintings and hollow log coffins representing his country and "Dreaming".

Major collections: Linden Museum Stuttgart, Germany; Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney; Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney; Queensland Art Gallery; National Gallery of Victoria; Australian National Gallery, Canberra; the Kluge-Ruhe Collection, West Virginia USA; the Kerry Stokes Collection, Australia.

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