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Alexander Millar Art for Sale at Auction

b. 1960 -

Alexander Millar's paintings firstly depicted his childhood environment in Scotland, with observations of the workers of British Rail as well as the ordinary lives of individuals he would see walking the streets of Springside. After his move to Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the northeast of England, his muse became the people of that region. He often seeks inspiration from his everyday life, turning ordinary events into detailed works. His fascination with instilling detail into the faces of his subjects makes Alexander Millar's paintings highly sought after.

Artist Alex Millar's originals include paintings of workers in the industrial age of Scotland during his youth shrouded with shadow to showcase the tedious factory work of that time and set with dramatic sunrises to show hope for a bright future. One of his most well-known characters is Gadgie, who symbolizes the Geordie workers of the north of England. Choose symbolic contemporary paintings that depict the beauty and/or reality of everyday life.

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