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Harland Miller, artist and author, found a way to merge his love of the written word with his paintings. After garnering critical acclaim for Slow down Arthur, Stick to Thirty in 2000, Miller went on to write a story based on a female relative's struggle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. In 2001, he began a set of paintings that were modeled after the covers of Penguin books, and due to their popularity, Harland Miller prints of the series are still available.

Miller's artwork includes many of his humorous and witty paintings. Harland Miller’s prints almost always border on the absurd and comical, giving him a broad fan base among art enthusiasts. His work often contains phrases from his own books or from the works of Ernest Hemingway or Edgar Allen Poe, both inspirations to Miller. Browse Harland Miller's artwork for sale as well as other intriguing serigraphs for sale online at Invaluable
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