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Sold at Auction: Jean François (1814) Millet

Alias:Jean Francois (1814) MilletJean François (1814) Millet


Artist Jean Francois Millet was an important French painter of the 19th century, best known for his depictions of peasants at work on the land. By the time he was 19, Millet was studying art in Cherbourg and Paris. Jean Francois Millet's painting The Milkmaid, created in 1844, was a breakthrough piece, and he also achieved recognition at the Salon in 1848 with The Winnower. His main influences came from 17th-century Dutch painters, and it's been said that as an artist, Jean Francois Millet himself was influential on Van Gogh's early painting style.

Jean Francois Millet's artwork is exhibited in many important galleries, including The Louvre, Paris, The Museum of Fine Art, Boston, and The National Gallery, London. Expand your classic art collection with memorable figural drawings for sale at online galleries and auctions.
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