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Sold at Auction: Jules Moigniez

Alias:? Moigniez
Animal sculptorSculptor


Nineteenth-century French artist Jules Moigniez is best known for his highly detailed bronze sculptures of animals, particularly birds, horses, and dogs. Many animal sculptors of that time, known as animaliers, only focused on the subject itself, but Jules Moigniez's sculptures are distinguished by his attention to the bases. These often depicted vegetation and aspects of the landscape, which added a further layer of realism and made his artwork highly sought after in the United States and Britain.

He also regularly exhibited at The Salon in Paris. The production of Jules Moigniez sculptures developed into a family business, with his father purchasing a foundry purely to cast his son’s artwork. Today it's possible to find Jules Moigniez bronze statues for sale together with other animal sculptures at auction and online.
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