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Claude Monet Art for Sale at Auction

Painter, Landscape painter, Flower painter, b. 1840 - d. 1926

Artist Claude Monet was born in Paris in 1840, and became of the pioneers of the Impressionist movement. He studied art as a child, and after serving in the cavalry in Algeria for two years, he began studying in Paris. Claude Monet's paintings focused on the uses of form and light rather than strict realism, and his painting, Impression, Sunrise, inspired the term Impressionism to describe his style.

Following the death of his wife in 1879, he seriously focused on his work, and as an artist, Claude Monet became more prolific, creating what became known as his series paintings, depicting the same scene under a variety of weather conditions and times of the day. Claude Monet's paintings' worth skyrocketed after his own death in 1926, with his pieces selling for millions of dollars at auction throughout the following decades. Explore epic landscapes and breathtaking seascape prints at Invaluable, and find something that satisfies your love for the outdoors and the water.

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