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b. 1937 - d. 1999

William Moninet’s paintings are renowned worldwide for vibrantly capturing the whimsical world of clowns. Born in 1937 in Louisiana, the Impressionist artist created most of his work in the 1980s. With bold, clean strokes, his oil paintings embody the hilarity and happiness of clowns replete with expressive faces, vivid colors, and fanciful imagery. William Moninet's artwork for sale, including his exquisite watercolors, has featured prominently in numerous exhibits and shows.

William Moninet’s paintings embrace the essence of a simpler time, when the circus came to town and people from all walks of life took a break from the seriousness of the day for a little lighthearted frivolity. Aficionados of this medium view artist William Moninet’s work among the most coveted and sought after because of its rich emotional complexity and lively, colorful depth. Collectors can find vintage oil paintings for sale at auctions and galleries worldwide.

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