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Sold at Auction: Alec Monopoly

Alias:Alec Landon


Known originally as a graffiti artist, Alec Monopoly (born Alec Andon) is a contemporary artist whose paintings often feature the Monopoly man; this figure is his statement about capitalism and the wealthy. Alec Monopoly's prints often feature the character, and they may be paired with a sample of the artist’s graffiti artwork. He has been commissioned for many commercial projects, including work for CoverGirl, Paramount Pictures, and Vitamin Water. Alec Monopoly's art for sale is generally oil or mixed media on canvas.

Alec Monopoly's paintings that show Mr. Monopoly were created to criticize the bailouts and deregulation of the major banks. Other Alec Monopoly prints showcase celebrities and pop art as comments on society as a whole. Highlight your ideas about the social order and buy contemporary paintings for sale online from galleries and at auction.
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