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Georges Moquay (1970-)

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  • Georges MOQUAY (Né en 1970) La bouche rouge, 1996

  • Georges Moquay: Africa Moquay stylé Georges Moquay

  • Georges Moquay: Atomic portrait Georges Moquay

Georges Moquay Biography

Moquay Georges, born in France in 1970, is an artist, painter and French sculptor. He is the son of Daniel and his wife Moquay Rotraut (who was the wife of Yves Klein).

From his birth until 1982, Georges Moquay lives with his family between France (Paris) and Spain (Ibiza). before leaving, at age 12, with his family and settled near Phoenix, Arizona (USA). After high school in Phoenix and completed his national service in 1991 as an interpreter, bosco, helmsman and sniper in the French Navy on board "The Storm", Georges Moquay returns to Arizona to study, to University, photography and art history. From 1995 he has traveled and painted. He has exhibited in numerous spaces and galleries in Arizona, France, Spain, Australia, Morocco ...

Since 2000, he lives and works mainly in Paris in his workshop of the eleventh arrondissement, multiplying the artistic experiments and visual artists around the painting, music, video. [1] He also shot in the film of Richard Bohringer "It's beautiful city at night."

Born into a family where art in all its forms is the key word, color painter and expressive explosions, influenced by pop music, rock, reggae ...; by the signs of the graphic modernity tags grafs, Comics ...; references to ethnic communities ... Georges Moquay is an artist, fully twenty-first century, that can be situated in the tradition of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Robert Combas, of "graffiti artists" and as Jonone Other initiators of "street art" ... But Georges Moquay develops his themes in a very personal and powerful way that detaches it from these sectors and singles.

Georges Moquay Btisam married, have a son, Rayan. His brothers and sister are all artists: Yves Amu Klein (Yves Klein son) is passionate about the relationship between art and robotics; David, photographer, multimedia artist, produces video images. graphics and clips for leading artists; Loraine creates jewelry Sydney in Australia.

Georges Moquay has already had many solo exhibitions in France and the United States. A major exhibition "Georges Moquay Style" has notably held the summer of 2007 at the Galerie Guy Pieters, [2] to Saint-Paul-de-Vence, near Fondation Maeght. In 2010 he participated in "Miami Art Basel" and a roof top important party: "Charity arts for Haïiti" In 2011, he exhibited from January to March to "Optic Studio" in Phoenix (Arizona) (718 No 4th street, Phoenix). An exhibition of paintings by Georges Moquay, "Toxic remedy", is also held in New York at David De Buck, 511 W 25 th St. (Suite 502) from 14 April to 26 May 2011. Its participation in the exhibition The Virgin Christmas (January 2012) created the event, her virgin having been output from the Saint-Sulpice Church overnight.

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  • Georges MOQUAY (Né en 1970) HI BABY, 2007 Acrylique sur toile, Georges Moquay, Click for value View Details
  • GEORGES MOQUAY (NE EN 1970) Sans titre Signé et daté ‘Georges Moquay 98’ (e, Georges Moquay, Click for value View Details

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