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Sold at Auction: Mirka Mora

Alias:Mirka Madeleine Madi


French born artist Mirka Mora was trained in mime and drama before turning her focus to embroidery, doll making, and painting. She moved to Australia in 1951, where she helped rebuild the Contemporary Art Society with her husband. Painter Mirka Mora's arguably most notable piece is Painted Tram, which is located at the Victorian Ministry of the Arts.

Artist Mirka Mora also designed a series of Christmas stamps for the Australian Post. While in Melbourne, her husband became a notable art dealer, and her paintings sold well. Mirka Mora's contemporary paintings for sale often portray varied subjects, ranging from childhood memories to the power of sexuality. The French Government made Mora Officier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in 2002. Avid art collectors are sure to find curious pieces for their gallery among stunning contemporary paintings online at Invaluable.
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