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Sold at Auction: Auguste Moreau

Alias:Auguste Louis Mathurin Moreau


French artist Auguste Moreau (b.1834) was the son of famous sculptor Jean-Baptiste Moreau, who acted as his first teacher. Auguste Moreau's bronze sculptures of graceful young women with airy dresses, tattered or hanging off one shoulder, were done in detailed, Art Nouveau style. The bulk of his sculptures were derived from allegorical or romantic figures and consisted of maidens, Pan, cherubs, or cupids.

Artist Auguste Moreau was a member of the Salon des Artistes in France for around 50 years; the Salon was also where he showed his first piece in 1861. Auguste Moreau sculpture prices vary greatly depending on their size, age, and the material used to create them. Check out exceptional bronze sculptures for sale online to select a piece by a sculptor that speaks to your artistic side.
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