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Born in 1822 into a family of distinguished artists, Mathurin Moreau combined natural ability, years of training, and an entrepreneurial spirit to become one of the most well-known French sculptors of the 19th century. Mathurin Moreau's artwork for sale was so popular that it was available well after his death in 1912.

His training began under his father and famous French sculptor, Jean Baptiste, and continued at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, beginning in 1841. Mathurin Moreau’s sculptures earned him Second Grand Prize of Rome in 1842 and international recognition at the Salon and World’s Fair in the decades to follow. Mathurin Moreau’s sculptures can be seen all over Paris, including L'Oceanie at the Orsay Museum and Cologne at the Gare du Nord train station.

You’ll find Moreau's bronze statues displayed in museums worldwide. Collectors can purchase traditional sculptures at online auction to enhance their decor.  
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