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Born in Tokyo in 1898, artist Yoshitoshi Mori studied at the Kawabata School of Fine Arts. Upon graduation, Mori embarked on the creative process of designing and dyeing fabric for kimonos. Mori studied with Serizawa Keisuke and Yanagi Soetsu in the esteemed technique of stencil fabric dyeing.

Mori's explorations in stenciling on paper began at the mature age of 50. Yoshitoshi Mori's kappazuri stencil artwork was shown in numerous solo exhibitions in Japan. During the 1960s, sponsored by The Japan Society in New York, artist Yoshitoshi Mori showcased his intricate prints throughout America. Mori received an Honorary Doctorate from Maryland University in 1984. Yoshitoshi Mori's Japanese prints for sale are sought out by avid collectors captivated by the intricate stencil prints depicting the traditional way of life in Japan. Find Asian-inspired prints along with other vintage figural prints available for purchase online and at auction.
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