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(born 25 July 1957 Carmel, California) American sculptor. A graduate of California State University and Central Washington University, William Morris is widely considered one of the leading American glass sculptors today. He worked as a gaffer for famed glass artist Dale Chihuly at Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle, Washington in the early 1980s. Morris draws his artistic inspiration from various civilizations of centuries past, nature, indigenous people, and animals. He is well known for his unique sculptural techniques, which include sprinkling powdered glass and minerals on to a glass surface, so that it takes on the qualities of other materials such as metal, bone, or clay. He also uses rich colors and acid washes his work to make it appear much older than it is. He has won numerous awards, including the Visionaries Award at the American Craft Museum in 2001, the Jurors Awards at the 32nd International Glass Invitational in 2004, and most recently the Master of the Medium Award from the James Renwick Alliance in 2005. His work is exhibited at museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Craft Museum, the Louvre and the Victoria and Albert Museum.
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