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Mark Morrisroe (1959-1989)

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  • * Polaroids. A group of vintage Polaroid prints relating to Pat Hearn/Mark Morrisroe, circa 1980s,


  • MARK MORRISROE (1959-1989)

  • Mark Morrisroe (b 1959) 13 works (various titles)

Mark Morrisroe Biography

Mark Morrisroe (January 10, 1959 - July 24, 1989) was an American performance artist and photographer. He is known for his performances and photographs, which were germane in the development of the punk scene in Boston in the 1970s and the art world boom of the mid to late 1980s in New York City. By the time of his death he had created some 2,000 pieces of work.

His career as a photographer began when he was given a Polaroid Model 195 Land camera. He experimented with unusual development techniques, receiving generous support of supplies, film, and chemicals from the Polaroid Corporation. Within his close circle of friends he soon laid claim to the "invention" of what are called "sandwich" prints—enlargements of double negatives of the same subject mounted on top of one another — which yielded an elaborate pictorial quality, producing a very iconic painterly impression in the final result, which over time he learned to use in an increasingly controlled way.[citation needed]

Early on, the artist recognized the intrinsic value of prints—irrespective of the medium used to produce them—as pictorial objects that he could manipulate, color, paint, and write on at will. Thus, Morrisroe scrawled comments, biographical notes and dedications on the side of his pictures, which made them very personal pieces of art. His photographs were mostly portraits, and his subjects included lovers, friends, hustlers, and people who visited his apartment. He also often incorporated stills from Super 8 films. There are a few photographs which incorporate landscapes and external shots.

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  • Mark Morrisroe (b 1959) 13 works (various titles), Mark Morrisroe, Click for value View Details

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