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Norval Morrisseau Art for Sale at Auction

Indianischmaler, Painter, b. 1933 - d. 2007

Ojibwa artist Norval Morrisseau uses a pictograph of his Ojibwa name, Copper Thunderbird, as his signature on all his works. Pictographic style painting, or legend painting, originated from his tempura paintings of ancient myths and legends passed down through the generations from his grandfather. During the 1980s, Norval Morrisseau's art for sale showed a more spiritual side as he studied and applied Ojibwa shamanistic practices in his life.

Founder of the Woodland school, artist Norval Morrisseau was the first individual of First Nation ancestry to gain professional recognition in the Canadian art community. Norval Morrisseau's prints are strikingly bold-colored pictographs, and they're reminiscent of other ancient forms of recording history and myth, such as hieroglyphics. Browse other stunning mythological paintings for sale online at Invaluable to purchase your piece of the past.

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