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Sold at Auction: Anna Mary Moses

Alias: Grandma MosesAnna Mary MosesAnna Mary Robertson MosesAnna Mary RobertsonAnna Maryl Robertson


The acclaimed work of folk artist Anna Mary Robertson, also called Grandma Moses, presents a glance of America's pastoral days. Born in Greenwich, New York in 1860, Robertson knew only agricultural life, leaving her family at an early age to work a nearby farm. After her marriage at age 17, she and her husband resettled in Virginia where they ran their own farm. Robertson didn't begin painting until her 70s, as a response to the pain of her husband's passing.

Paintings by Anna Mary Robertson, or Grandma Moses, depict the simplicity of country life, purposefully omitting any signs of industry. Though she experienced hardship as a farmer, as an artist, Anna Mary Robertson showed only the natural beauty of rural life. Framed prints of Anna Mary Robertson's work remain in high demand as quintessential Americana. Buy landscape paintings for sale at Invaluable to capture a piece of the past.
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