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Este Mostert was born on 4 September 1959.

From a very young age Esté exhibited an interest for fine arts. This inspired her to study formally at the University of the Free State under Casper Steenkamp, Ben Botha and Prof A.A.F Treurlinckx.

Her first solo exhibition was held in 1981 after which many national and international exhibitions followed.

Esté uses a diversity of media to express herself in her art. She progressed from ink and canté sketches to watercolour and oil paintings. In her search for her own, individual style, she began experimenting with rice paper, using pastels and acrylic paints. The grain of the rice paper beautifully enhances this technique.
She is a painter of romantic dream worlds; often landscapes peopled with esoteric figures, all of them the result of an image bank of pictures she has created and stored over the years. She has the ability of many talented artists of conjuring up these images, complete with finite detail, and then conveying them onto canvas. It’s a sort of visual transfer of mental snapshots, some of them stemming back to her childhood. Her paint technique is a happy fusion of impressionism and contemporary paint applications, culminating her individual style, using oils, acrylics and glazes. Her work reflects the honesty of her old worldly values and beliefs.

Esté Mostert has had many ‘one man’ and ‘group’ exhibitions and her work is exhibited in teaching galleries in all the major centres all over South Africa, including Cape Town, Johannesburg, Stellenbosch, Bloemfontein, Pretoria and Durban. Her work can be found in many collections all over South Africa and Namibia and she also exhibited in Taipei and the USA.
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