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American artist Edward Moulthrop, born in 1916, had a major impact on the American wood turning movement. He bought his first lathe in his teens, and taught himself how to use it to create his works. Later, Edward Moulthrop's artwork was created using large cutting tools, and a lathe, which he designed to accommodate the use of large pieces of wood. 

Artist Edward Moulthrop preferred to create his pieces using damaged, diseased, or rotted wood, as it created unique patterns on the surfaces of his woodenware. He would treat the wood by soaking it in polyethylene glycol for long periods of time, to help keep it from cracking and to bring out the material's natural beauty. Edward Moulthrop wood bowls for sale include large vase and sphere-shaped pieces inspired by his own visions. Browse vintage and modern woodenware for sale online and find the right earthy piece to complete your collection.
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