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Sold at Auction: Alfons Mucha

Alias:Alfons MuchaAlfons Maria MuchaAlphonse Mucha
PainterCommercial artistIllustratorPhotographer


Alfons Mucha was born in Czechoslovakia in 1860, and studied art in Paris and Munich. Alfons Mucha's drawings were often his own perceptions of the ideal female form. His poster Gismonda, made for actress Sarah Bernhardt's play of the same name, used subtle pastel colors and lighting that accented the crown of her head. Alfons Mucha's drawings also focused on the hair, eyes, and lips of the women portrayed. Mucha continued this revolutionary technique throughout his career, creating theater posters, advertising materials, and magazine covers. A series of Alfons Mucha's paintings of Czech and other Slavic people, entitled Slav Epic, was restored after WWII and placed in the permanent collection at Moravsky Krumlov's castle. Alfons Mucha's art for sale includes illustrations, posters, and canvas paintings. Delve into interesting theatrical and artistic periods by viewing magnificent posters for sale online, and purchase a piece for your home.
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