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Sold at Auction: William James Muller

Alias:John MullerJohn MüllerWilliam James Müller
Figure painterLandscape painterPainterMiniature painterWater colorist


British oil painter William James Muller, born 1812 in Bristol, is known for his landscapes and figural art. His early work was influenced by French artist Claude and Dutch painter Ruysdael. Artist William James Muller was well traveled in his short life, and in 1843 he joined a government-led archeological visit to Lycia, Turkey, at his own expense. He built up a significant portfolio of sketches during this time that he used for subsequent artworks, which included many Muller's figural paintings.

Artist William James Muller's paintings of Lycia and Egypt became popular after his death from heart disease in 1845. His landscape The Falls at Tivoli sold for over $13,000 in 2010 at Christie's. Embrace the Victorian fine arts and browse many vintage oil paintings for sale
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