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Sold at Auction: Alfred James Munnings

Alias:Alfred MunningsAlfred J. MunningsAlfred James Munnings
Hunt painterHorse painterSport painterAnimal painterPorträtmalerPainterLandscape painterSculptor


Sir Alfred Munnings was a noted English painter whose life and career spanned the late 19th and mid-20th centuries. He was known for his horse paintings and outspoken disdain for Modernism artists such as Picasso. Alfred Munnings' paintings were loved by horse enthusiasts throughout the United Kingdom.

He was trained at the Norwich School of Art before enlisting in the military at the start of WW I. He served as a horse trainer and an official war artist during his enlistment. Alfred Munnings' paintings became increasingly popular in the following decades.

While his name may be more obscure than many of his contemporaries, you can find Munnings' artwork for sale online and in galleries all over the UK. Alfred Munnings' prints and originals can be viewed at the Munnings Museum, Manchester Art Gallery, and online. Browse collectible animal paintings for sale at Invaluable, whether your preferred subjects are equine or feline, domesticated or wild.  
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